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Inner Corner Reconstruction

When Mongolian folds are removed either excessively or insufficiently during inner corner fold removal, or the outcomes are not satisfactory, Inner Corner Reconstruction should be considered.

Proper time for Inner Corner Reconstruction

It is recommended that you wait for at least 6-12 months for an inner corner reconstruction surgery so that surgical sites or related tissue are completely healed.

  • 몽고재건 전


  • 몽고재건 후


Inner Corner Reconstruction Procedure


눈꼬리 내리기+뒤트임의 수술방법

Too much skin removal or sharp inner corner shape

By vertically repositioning inner corner skin (upper part to be lowered and lower part to be upwarded), more natural appearance can be achieved.


눈꼬리 내리기+뒤트임의 수술방법

In case of insufficient mongolian fold removal or asymmetric inner corner shape

Using the existing incision line, Mongolian folds can be balanced in their shape.

Evident Scar after previous inner corner fold removal surgery

Evident scar will be resected and repositioned to inner surface to be hidden.

Inner Corner Reconstruction FAQ

Q: Will there be any scar after Inner Corner Reconstruction surgery? Can even very serious scarring cases be corrected?

A: Usually, inner corner reconstruction leaves short vertical incisional (ㅡ shape) scar; however, you should not worry because it gradually loses its color and texture to be very natural and invisible around 6months after. This procedure can correct too much skin removal and evident scar on the inner corner. Even for the severe cases can be corrected by adjusting the degree of closing.

Q: I have undergone Inner Corner Reconstruction at another hospital, and do not like the result. Can I have revisional inner corner reconstruction surgery again?

A: Yes. Revisional Reconstruction might be more complicated however, it is possible to have revisional inner corner reconstruction surgery depending on your condition.

Operation Time

30 minutes


Local Anesthesia with IV sedation

Stitch Removal

6 days after surgery

Recovery Period

· Skin-color surgical tape on inner corners for 1-2 months
· Scars almost invisible after 6 months after surgery

* Recovery period varies on individual cases.