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Outer Corner Extension
(Lateral Canthoplasty)

Outer Corner Extension (Lateral Canthoplasty) is a surgical procedure to lengthen the width of one's eyes by opening lateral canthus.

BK Plastic Surgery Hospital is well-known for its Lateral Canthoplasty technique without recurrence

Outer Corner Extension at BK Plastic Surgery Hospital was developed and announced in the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Journal in 2004. BK’s way of Lateral Canthoplasty is distinctive because it does not recur.

You can benefit from Lateral Canthoplasty when…

  • - Your previous Epicanthoplasty did not satisfy you as you expected.
  • - The distance between both eyes are too narrow to perform Epicanthoplasty (Inner Corner Fold Removal).
  • - The vertical length of your eyes is too short.
  • - You want your eyes to be more defined and distinct.
  • - You have strong appearance because of slanted eyes.
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    BK Lateral Canthoplasty Procedure

    Depending on the patient’s conditions, there are 3 types of Lateral Canthoplasty methods developed by BK Plastic Surgery Hospital in 2011. Proper method can be chosen and applied to each case to meet patients‘ satisfaction.

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    1. Exophthalmoses or vertically long eyes

    An incision is made horizontally on the outer corners to make the eye shapes longer and bigger.

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    2. Sleepy Eyes

    Incisions are made upward and downward on the outer corners to make the overall size of eyes bigger.

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    3. Slanted Eyes

    Incisions are made horizontally and skin repositioned downward to obtain softer appearance.

    Features of BK Lateral Canthoplasty

    • 1. You can achieve bigger and round eyes by incisions made on outer corners.
    • 2. Strong appearance with slanted eyes can be improved to soften look.
    • 3. The distance between canthus and outer corner is precisely measured before the surgery to achieve the best result.
    • 4. Incision is made on the depressed area on the outer corner; the scar is almost invisible after surgery.
    • 5. Customized approach is chosen to meet the needs of each patient.

    BK Lateral Canthoplasty FAQ

    Q: How big will my eyes be after surgery?

    A: In general, we expect your eyes to be longer by 3-4 millimeters. However, the result may vary depending on each case. Thus, an accurate measurement of the distance between canthus and outer corner has to be made before the surgery.

    Q: Would not the removed skin become sticked again?

    A: It used to happen in the past time that the removed skin become sticked leaving the scar alone on where incision was made. Currently, the incision is sutured dividing skin and mucous membrane separated which is much more prevented from previous problem.

    Operation Time

    20 minutes


    Local Anesthesia with IV sedation

    Stitch Removal

    7 days after surgery

    Recovery Period

    · One week after surgery
    · Natural look achieved within 1-2 months
    · Scars almost invisible after 3-4 months after surgery

    * Recovery period varies on individual basis.