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Inner Corner Fold Removal (Epicanthoplasty)

Epicanthoplasty is a surgical procedure to remove the Mongolian band to lengthen the width of one's eyes and properly balance the distance between both eyes.

BK’s renown Epicanthoplasty without scars!

BK Plastic Surgery Hospital has developed its own way of Epicanthoplasty leaving no scars after surgery, and announced the method to the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons in 2002. Many plastic surgery hospitals nowadays use BK’s inner corner fold removal technique derived from BK Plastic Surgery Hospital.

You can benefit from Epicanthoplasty at BK when…

- You have wide distance between both eyes.
- You are dissatisfied with your double eyelid folds.
- Width of eyes are too short.
- You are not happy with your Mongolian folds.
- Slanted eyes make you look fierce.
- You have strong impression due to sharp inner corners.

  • 매직앞트임 전


  • 매직앞트임 후


BK Epicanthoplasty Procedure

매직앞트임 수술방법

  • 1. Design and mark the incision line prior to surgery.
  • 2. Make an incision along the designed mark to cut the mongolian fold.
  • 3. Resect and remove excessive skin surrounding the mongolian fold.
  • 4. Suture it to the inner surface to hide the scar.

Key Points of BK Epicanthoplasty

Epicanthoplasty at BK results in round and defined inner corner shape, according to the recent trend in softer inner corner shapes.

Features of BK Epicanthoplasty

  • - The scar is almost invisible after surgery.
  • - Recurrence is very unlikely.
  • - It results in less swelling without too much pain.
  • - Returning back to daily activity is available soon after surgery.

BK Epicanthoplasty FAQ

Q: Will there be a scar on my eyelid?

A: Inner Corner Fold Removal at BK involves a resection of the mongolian fold, and suture is made in the inner side of the eyes, hiding most of the scars. The redness of scar might be visible for a month, but after 2-3 months, it loses its color – almost invisible.

Operation Time

20 minutes


Local Anesthesia with IV sedation

Stitch Removal

7 days after surgery

Recovery Period

· One week after surgery
· Natural look achieved within 1-2 months
· Scars almost invisible after 3-4 months after surgery

* Recovery period varies on individual basis.