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Non-Incisional Ptosis Correction

Fast Recovery and Natural Double Eyeline fold!

What is Non-Incisional Ptosis Correction?

Non-Incisional Ptosis Correction is a surgical procedure to correct levator muscle without an incision.
Most ptosis cases-caused by weakness of muscle to raise eyelids- have been corrected by traditional incisional method, which involves long operation and recovery time.
In order to overcome these disadvantages, BK Plastic Surgery Hospital now performs the Non-Incisional Ptosis Correction, so that the patients can achieve both aesthetic and functional improvement without any incision.

Non-Incisional Ptosis Correction VS Incisional Ptosis Correction

Patients can choose from the two options below, depending on the condition and severity.

비절개 눈매교정 과 절개 눈매교정의 차이점
VS Non-Incisional Ptosis Correction Incisional Ptosis Correction

Strength to raise eyelid

A little weak Severely weak
Fat deposits on eyelid Little A lot
Eyelid skin texture Normal Thick
Droopiness Mild Severe
Degree of sleepy look A little Very

Features of Non-Incisional Ptosis Correction

· Invisible scar due to no incision along the eyelid.
· The sole correction can be done whereas incisional ptosis correction has to be performed together with a double eyelid surgery.
· Less swelling with short recovery time due to no incision made during the operation.
· Patients can achieve clear and well-defined look.

You can benefit from Non-Incisional Ptosis Correction when…

· You have a mild case of ptosis, with a little difficulty opening your eyes.
· You want a non-incisional double eyelid surgery, but have symptoms of ptosis.
· You have asymmetric shapes on both eyes.
· You want to improve your sleepy look without changing your own double eyelid folds.
· You want ptosis correction with quick recovery time.
· You have experienced no change after previous double eyelid surgery.

  • 매몰법 성형전


  • 매몰법 성형후


Non-Incisional Ptosis Correction Procedure

1. Create fine holes along the designed double eyelid fold line.
2. Strengthen the levator muscle by suturing the tarsal plate to the weak levator aponeurosis.

Operation Time

30 minutes


Local Anesthesia with IV sedation

Stitch Removal

5 days after surgery

Recovery Period

Daily activity available 1 day after stitch removal

* Recovery period varies on individual basis.