Introduction of Doctors

Beauty Medical Group formed with various medical specialists in BK Plastic Surgery Hospital!

BK Plastic Surgery Hospital is composed with 20 medical specialists from each area to offer proficient and systematic medical service.

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BK Plastic Surgery

  • Kim Byung Gun – Plastic Surgeon

    Kim Byung Gun
    Plastic Surgeon

  • Kum In Seop - Plastic Surgeon

    Kum In Seop
    Plastic Surgeon

  • Koh Eun Seok - Otorhinolaryngology

    Koh Eun Seok

  • Kim Kuyl Hee
    Plastic Surgeon

  • Jeon Seung Bae
    Plastic Surgeon

  • Kim Jeong Eun – Anesthesiologist

    Oh Jong Eun

BK Medical Group Aesthetic Clinic Singapore

  • Dr.Wong Chu Hui

    Dr.Wong Chu Hui
    Aesthetic Medicine/Family Physician

  • Dr,Rexon C.K.Ngim

    Dr. Rexon C.K.Ngim
    Senior Consultant Plastic Surgeon