Customer Safety System

Specialty of BK

There is a special secret to leading the Korean wave in plastic surgery.
Systematic medical techniques, professional co-operation of various specialists, and customized service for foreigners based on customer safety first.


Equipped with the Latest Medical Devices

3D-CT to analyze individual’s accurate bone structure for face Contouring surgery

Liquid nitrogen tank to safely store extra fat tissues


Safe and Organized Anesthesia System

For any possible emergency during the surgery, professional anesthesiologists monitor patients throughout the entire procedure.


A Non-Utility Generator (NUG) System Prepared for Blackout

Equipped the Non-Utility Generator from 1999, Maintained the Latest Non-Utility Generator from 2009!


continuous care given ‘by’ professional nurses

Patients receive continuous care given b professional nurses in quite and clean environment for fast recovery. Medical staffs are available for 24/7 providing continuous patient care.


Sterilization System

All medical devices are sterilized through the latest sterilization system for patient’s safety and infection control.


Post-operative Recovery Maintenance System

수술 후 회복 관리 시스템 사진

Recovery maintenance system allows fast recovery and return to daily life.
Recovery maintenance system contains treatments using high frequency, laser, and massages.
Pain medication is scheduled for pain management after surgery which may vary upon individual basis.