About BK


One-Stop Total Beauty Medical Center

We utilize the entire 15 floors of the building to offer more professional and convenient care for patients. It enables patients to experience one-stop total beauty care including dentistry and dermatology without making visits to different offices.


20 Professional Doctors from Various Medical Doctors from Various Medical Fields

BK Plastic Surgery Hospital consists specialists from plastic surgery, anesthesiology, aesthetics, dentistry, and hair transplantation providing customized and methodical services to patients.
BK medical team always strives for better results of procedures through continuous studies and dissertations.


Client-Centered Service

We consider clients as our first priority.
You can receive consultations at your convenience before procedures through various consulting methods, and post operative care will also be given after procedures.
All provided cares are customized to maximize your comfort.


Outstanding Medical Institute for International Patients

As ‘2010 Medical Institute for foreigners’ elected by Korea Ministry of Health and Welfare, BK Plastic Surgery is leading the movement of Korean medical tour and becoming the core of Korean plastic surgery wave announcing Korean medical techniques among China, Japan, Singapore and Europe.

BK Building Floor Plan